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A young girl’s journey into adulthood, a poignant search for love, a family saga full of mystery and intrigue, and a passionate romance—this amazingly rich novel is all these and more.

Meggie Brooks is the story of a girl growing up in a small rural township in New Jersey, living an almost idyllic life, enjoying the beauty of her country environment, dealing with her sometimes dysfunctional relatives, falling in love, and uncovering a family mystery.

But that is only one side of the story. Growing up in a politically minded household, Meggie learns to confront political correctness in public school, college, and the media. At first she struggles and is afraid to share her views. But eventually she learns to speak out, to make her voice heard, and finally to lead in the fight for free speech, to expose the hypocrisy of the left, and to articulate the values of our country’s founding that made America unique in history. Meggie is a hero for our times, a conservative who won’t be cowed but will instead fight back for truth.

Praise for Meggie Brooks from readers:

“You’re a sensitive writer with an incredible sense of time and place. You deal with the conservative issues better than Ayn Rand.” —Brian Haig, novelist, son of former Secretary of State Alexander Haig

“I was on a high all week, it is so inspirational. It makes me want to be more like Meggie, to speak out about things that matter. And I am extremely impressed by the periodic discussions of the logic of conservatism.” —K.P, Chatham, New Jersey

“I FINISHED your book! I LOVED IT!” —D.V., Rochester, NY

“I had to stay up until 5:00 A. M. to finish it, it was so compelling” —J.R., Los Angeles, California

“One night I completely lost myself in it and was up until 2:30 A. M.” —T.H., Calgary, Alberta

“a mastery of construction” —J. H., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

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Are you tired of the liberal bent in entertainment and art?

Where else can you find a high-quality work of contemporary literary fiction that reflects conservative values? This is a one-of-a-kind product! There is no other novel like it on the market. Not since Atlas Shrugged has an author incorporated political issues and thought into a novel in such a daring way. But unlike Atlas Shrugged, Meggie Brooks bases conservative principles upon Christian principles.

Get in the vanguard of the culture war! Help get conservative thought into the culture. Buy this book and recommend it to your friends.

As reviewed on Amazon:

Oh, the joy of reading a novel that inspires, enlightens, intrigues, hits your funny bone, draws you into romance, and raises your soul to a higher plain! I didn’t want to put Meggie Brooks down. Fortunately, the chapters are written as savory capsules. I rewarded my hard day’s work with the gift of reading 1-2 chapters before bed. Then, when I took a trip, I had the luxury of reading during the entire flight. I was so frustrated when the plane landed on time and my limo promptly picked me up; I would have preferred to keep reading!

The author has an engaging style of writing that includes comedy, mystery, surprises, and even steamy love scenes with restraint–in which less is more.

While I hold an advanced degree, I found my vocabulary being expanded by the author’s unique and powerful choice of words. Throughout the book I was delighted by the author’s wit and creative way of describing people and events.

This historical fiction cleverly weaves together Christian and conservative apologetics, romance, crises, mystery and humor to make for quite a read. I am longing for Daphne Woods’ next literary winner.—K.P., Chatham, New Jersey

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As reviewed on Bella Online:

“. . . an extraordinarily well-written novel. The romance, mystery, humor, crises, Christian and conservative apologetics that it contains grabbed my interest and kept my housework from getting done. This book kept me entranced until the very last page. The plots and subplots are skillfully woven together as Meggie’s journey into adulthood is followed. . . . I would recommend that everyone read this awesome work of literature.”—Lisa Binion

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More praise for Meggie Brooks:

“Almost every time I picked up this book to find something in it, I would catch myself 10 minutes later just reading along–and that was after I had already read it through twice! The writing itself is so compelling, you want to “stay” in the novel. And the last 100 pages are *so* compelling, it will ruin your life for a day or two (in a good way). Don’t read while operating machinery!” —A.N.R., Lambertville, New Jersey

“The early part of the novel reminded me of Anne Of Green Gables. You enjoy reading about the characters and you know it’s important even though not much happens right away. It’s funny as well as pathetic. The theme that emerged that I really liked was that we must choose to do what’s right, no matter what.” —R.R., Los Angeles, California

“A brilliant novel, combining the poignant story of a young girl’s family life with searing social and political commentary. Her characters live and breathe and seem very real. The issues she explores are pertinent and far from resolved, despite the left’s insistence to the contrary. Whether it be global warming, home schooling, sex education, limited government, or America’s part in the war in Iraq, Woods deals with it straight on. A must read for anyone looking for a good novel with substance.” D.B., Princeton, New Jersey

An appealing novel for young adult to adult, men and women alike

A note from the author, Daphne Woods:
“People often ask me if this is a young adult novel. The cover must come across that way! While young adults can certainly enjoy and benefit from the story, it’s a great novel for adults and young adults alike. Also, it’s not predominantly a “woman’s” book. More men than women have told me that they can’t put it down! Great literature didn’t used to be broken down into the categories we have today. A great book was read by all. My intent in writing this novel was to create a work that transcends categories and defies boundaries.”

Another reader’s review from Amazon:

As a teenage connoisseur of novels in the style of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, or Charlotte Bronte, I have been repeatedly discouraged by the selection of novels offered to the modern reader, especially those specifically geared toward my age group. I seek books that will both entertain and stimulate my mind, as those by the above writers do, yet I find modern novels either simplistic and predictable or utterly fantastic. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a contemporary author who believes that real life can be entertaining and who is not afraid to explore some of reality’s more obscure dilemmas. In such a destitute literary atmosphere, Meggie Brooks stands head and shoulders above the rest. Like Pride and Prejudice or David Copperfield, Meggie Brooks presents real life in all its many facets–funny, confusing, rewarding, heartbreaking, intimidating, calm–and seeks to draw moral lessons from everyday situations. The many supporting characters, whether hilarious, endearing, or irritating, people a seemingly real world that pulls the reader in within a few sentences. The plot is fascinating and easily readable by a teenager, yet the ideas are stimulating even to the mind of a mature adult. Though it resembles nineteenth-century authors in its style and purpose, it is distinctly modern, dealing with relevant, contemporary political issues and presenting a vivid picture of contemporary life in perfectly modern but beautiful language. Its heroine is as real as its setting, coming face to face with controversy and temptation and not always escaping unscathed. A stimulating novel that promotes true Christianity within the context of today’s world, Meggie Brooks is an excellent, highly readable novel appropriate for mature readers of all ages. —A Teenage Reader

Literary fiction of the highest quality, with mystery, romance, and passion

This novel will enrage you.
This novel will enlighten you.
This novel will entertain you.
But most of all, this novel will inspire you.

Meggie Brooks